Supply Chain Recruiting

Meet Our Lead Supply Chain Recruiters

Jack Lee

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Zoya Hank

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Our economy – and every single person – relies on the movement of goods across this nation and around the world. That movement relies on effective Supply Chain Management, and the specialized knowledge and skills of the people in the industry. By road, by rail, by sea and air, through the distribution centers and technology systems that link it all together, our team understands your fast-paced, interconnected world.

We make your business our business. We keep our fingers on the pulse of talent from one end of the supply chain to the other, and all points in between. We are continually building and strengthening our relationships with the most highly-skilled and specialized professionals, understanding their strengths and experience, and their objectives for career growth. We keep this network active so we can move quickly when there’s not a moment to waste.

We know the right people, so we can reach them at the right time, with the right opportunity: yours.

Our clients share a common industry and drive to keep things moving, but we know each one is unique. We get to know your culture and employee experience, presenting candidates who will thrive and excel in your workplace. This means we’re not only providing you with the most skilled and qualified supply chain professionals, we’re creating a long-term fit, helping you avoid costly turnover.

When our clients need top talent on their team, they rely on us to move as quickly as they do. We’re proud of our track record as their trusted partner, helping them fill their most challenging roles in areas such as:

⦁ Logistics Management
⦁ Transportation Management
⦁ Warehouse Management
⦁ Purchasing Management
⦁ Supply Chain Planning and Analysis

Isn’t it time you worked with a recruitment partner that knows every link in the
supply chain as well as you do? Get in touch today.