Travel Recruiting

Meet Our Lead Travel Recruiters​

Leo Mitchell

With over 9 years in travel recruitment, Leo has a sharp eye for identifying professionals who breathe life into travel experiences. From luxury resorts to bustling travel agencies, he has seamlessly matched organizations with tour operators, travel consultants, and hospitality experts. Leo’s edge lies in his ability to understand the ever-evolving travel trends, ensuring he places candidates who not only meet the job’s technical demands but also capture the essence of wanderlust for every traveler they assist.   

Zoe Harper

Marrying her background in global tourism with her recruitment expertise, Zoe stands at the crossroads of travel dreams and reality. Throughout her 7-year journey, she’s crafted a network that spans cruise ship coordinators, airline professionals, and destination planners. Zoe’s meticulous approach focuses on ensuring her candidates not only possess the required skill set but also resonate with the ethos and vision of travel brands, curating experiences that linger in travelers’ memories.

No industry has been affected by COVID quite like travel, tourism and hospitality. Through the worst of the pandemic, businesses in this sector have faced unprecedented challenges and upheaval. With some choosing to flee the industry amidst that uncertainty, demand for the truly dedicated professionals that keep this industry moving hasn’t wavered. With strict travel restrictions finally receding behind us, people everywhere are craving the open skies and open road once again. Demand and competition for talent is set to climb even higher … which is why we’re right there by your side.

Travel moves our team the same way it moves you. Your business never sleeps, so we are tireless in our pursuit of the professionals you entrust with your customers and guests. We know and understand the unique set of skills that true professionals in the tourism and hospitality sector need to succeed. We continually grow our network of professionals in this industry, building relationships with them so we understand their skills and abilities, their goals, and what moves them. We nurture this network so that on a moment’s notice, we can act to secure the people you need.

We know the right people, so we can reach them at the right time, with the right opportunity: yours.

We also know that each of our clients has a unique culture; a unique experience for both guests and and employees. of its own. When we begin working with each of our clients, we quickly get to know and understand those factors. We save you precious time and money by presenting candidates who would be the best fit for your company and workplace.

Our clients entrust us with their most critical and hard-to-fill positions, such as:

⦁ Hotel and Vacation Property Managers
⦁ Travel Agents and Guides
⦁ Reservation and Ticket Agents
⦁ Hospitality Service Professionals

Isn’t it time you worked with a recruitment partner who shares your passion for
guest happiness and customer satisfaction? Contact us today.